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Baltic Amarok Flotation Suit

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The Amarok flotation suit is ideal for every day boating and winter fishing having the same characteristics as a modern sailing suit.

The Baltic Multi Flotation System not only provides the added benefit of being waterproof, but also gives extra buoyancy and protection from cold shock.

Baltic flotation suits are CE marked and tested and approved to:
ISO12402-5 (50N Buoyancy – EN393)
ISO 15027-1 Class D (Thermal property of immersion suits)

One of the criteria is that five persons, each wearing a floatation suit, are immersed in water at 10°C for two hours. During that time they must not lose more than 2°C core temperature. The test subjects for Baltic lost only 1.1°C

Weight approx 2.0 kg (size XL)